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10 August
Organic Food and Your Health ..

This is probably the most obvious but there is your health that is benefited by you choosing your organic food:

The biggest advantages of organic food include:
· Nutrient-Denser Food:
Organic food has more nutritional superiority than its non-organic counterparts and it is proved with numerous scientific research and studies.
· Stronger, More Energetic Body:
No pesticides, chemicals, or processed additives bogging down your system means a smaller risk of disease, illness, and disorders in yourself. Nothing leaves you feeling tired and gross like unhealthy junk food.
· It Tastes Better:
True, it may not taste as good to the addictive qualities of junk food additives, such as processed sugar and MSG. But after just a short time of your body experiencing truly healthy food, you’ll be craving it.
· Yes, It’s Cheaper:
Although organic food and products are more expensive, you actually WILL save money in several ways:
1. Whole foods help to prevent major and minor diseases and illnesses, meaning lower health care costs and less likelihood of missing work. One of the hidden advantages of organic food.
2. Your brain tells your body to eat partially based on the nutrients it receives. Now that we know eating organic means more nutrients, it means your brain won’t tell your body to keep eating like it does with junk food.
· Safe from Dangerous Pesticides:
Chemical pesticides has been linked to breast, prostate and other cancers, lymphoma, leukemia, infertility, immunity disorders, Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and depression.
· Safe from Scary Chemicals:
Herbicides and fertilizers have been connected with various cancers, immune disorders, infertility, cardiac disease, hypertension, and numerous other diseases.3,4
· Peace of Mind:
Knowing your buying organic food can help you to enjoy what you eat for all the reasons outlined above and below.
So long live with the QUALITY of feeling healthy and energetic to have fun and explore life. It is much better than battling off cancer, diabetes, or other lifestyle-preventable diseases.

– Team JivPure

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